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Ringing in the New Year with silence
18 January 2018 - Oscar Wilde once wrote that 'good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.' A different perspective comes from Janet Hoffman, executive director of Transcendental Meditation for Women Professionals in the US: 'There is an account and it belongs to all of us and it is abundant; even more - it is bottomless. . . . We can fulfil every resolution made for 2018 by regular withdrawals from this bank.' The 'bank', she explains, is the field of Being or pure consciousness at the most fundamental level of the mind - an infinite resource of energy, intelligence, creativity, and organizing power. By regularly settling down to experience this most silent level through the effortless Transcendental Meditation technique, mind and body gain deep rest, release stress and fatigue, and come out refreshed, 'energetic, and dynamic - capable of fulfilling our resolutions'. (more)

Mind over Ageing: 10 Steps to living a longer, healthier, happier life
16 January 2018 - 'Health and ageing are due to interconnections among our mind, body, and environment,' says Robert Schneider, MD, FACC. This is a core principle of Maharishi AyurVeda, the ancient science of natural health care revived by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation programme. Dr Schneider, Dean of the College of Integrative Medicine and Director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University of Management, in Iowa, USA, explains that the science of longevity in traditional Ayurveda is known as Rasayana or rejuvenation. To help mitigate the stresses of daily life and optimize successful ageing, Dr Schneider has distilled 10 Behavioural Rasayanas from the classical texts of Ayurveda, also showing how modern medical science confirms these ancient principles. He is currently writing his second book, Super Aging, from which this article series is selected. (more)

Veterans who learn Transcendental Meditation find relief from PTSD, new study shows
14 January 2018 - Veterans of the war in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) found significant relief from their symptoms as a result of practising the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, according to a new study published in Military Medicine. After one month, 87% had a clinically significant decrease of more than 10 points, and 80% had their symptoms reduced to below the clinical level, meaning that they were no longer considered to have a disorder. The current study follows four previous studies on veterans practicing TM. 'Transcendental Meditation is very easy to do and results come quickly,' said James Grant, Director of Programs for TM for Veterans. 'TM promotes self sufficiency - it's a tool that the veteran can use for life, on his or her own.' (more)

'In the most silent avenue of one's Being, everything is a possibility' - Maharishi, 2007
12 January 2018 - Today organizations teaching Transcendental Meditation in many countries held an annual conference celebrating the achievements of the worldwide programmes founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. On this day in 2007, Maharishi inaugurated a global capital of world peace at the centre of India. There a large group of experts would be established to create an influence of peace, progress, and prosperity for every nation, through their daily routine of Yoga (Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programmes) and Yagya, a timeless technology for the prevention of problems and the promotion of success and good fortune. In his inaugural address Maharishi said, 'Administrators should be competent to bestow anything to anyone who desires anything - and anything is a possibility in the transcendental, unmanifest field. In the most silent avenue of one's Being, everything is a possibility, and this is the gate of life that will be opened for everyone in the world.' (more)

Extinguishing stress in women firefighters
11 January 2018 - The Canadian Women's Wellness Initiative (CWWI) - the women's wing of the Transcendental Meditation organization in Canada - serves women whose jobs, health, and lives are at risk due to chronic and acutely high levels of stress in their professions, including firefighters, police, first responders, and nurses. When the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs and the International Association of Fire Fighters launched a mental wellness initiative, many women firefighters in Vancouver learned TM through CWWI, and soon found very clear benefits. 'I have been practising TM for six months now and I am feeling less stress, less anxious, and far less annoyed by the frustrations in day to day life,' reported a fire department captain with 17 years experience. 'I think anyone in the first responders field would benefit from learning and practising Transcendental Meditation.' (more)

Exploring science, consciousness, and the furthest reaches of human potential: Dr Tony Nader, neuroscientist and Vedic scholar
10 January 2018 - When Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation programme, planned for the future of the international Transcendental Meditation organizations, he named as his successor a scientist and scholar with mastery in both modern science and the ancient Vedic tradition -- Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R. -- an MIT- and Harvard-trained neuroscientist and one of the world's great Vedic scholars. Dr. Nader guides the global supervision of the nonprofit TM organizations in over one hundred countries, advising the TM programme and its educational, health, and research programmes. Now on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Dr Nader is creating an online space for engaging conversations about consciousness and all fields of life - from health, education, and science, to love, human relationships, and world peace. (more)

A foolproof method for preventing terrorism in the Democratic Republic of Congo
8 January 2018 - Currently the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is experiencing a grave humanitarian emergency, with economic deterioration and increasing political instability. Latest African News features Dr David Leffler's presentation of 'a foolproof, simple, and most expedient method for preventing terrorism and increasing stability in DRC'. During these dangerous times, terrorism could quickly end if DRC's military were trained to form what is known in Latin American military circles as a Prevention Wing of the Military - comprised of Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) experts practising the non-religious Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique and its advanced programmes. Scientific research showing measurable decreases in crime, terrorism, and war through IDT has been published repeatedly in peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Conflict Resolution, Social Indicators Research, Journal of Crime and Justice, and International Journal of Neuroscience. (more)

'A New Science for Peace': Conference replays available online
6 January 2018 - Candy Crowley, former anchor of CNN's 'State of the Nation with Candy Crowley', John Hagelin, PhD, President of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, and experts in health, brain science, education, and the military recently held a summit to discuss the use of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique to address the critical issues of toxic stress, trauma, and peace. The summit - 'A New Science for Peace: Research on Transcendental Meditation, the Brain, Trauma, and Peace' - took place at the Abramson Center for Peace, David Lynch Foundation, in Washington, DC. The full event, which was live streamed, is now available for replay online. (more)

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